shoes for kids and babies

Our expert advice to find the right pair of shoes!

From toddler's first steps to running games, each step of the walk deserves special attention to take care of their little feet!
That's why we first think about your kid’s everyday life to create our collection of baby, girl and boy shoes and slippers. Discover all our professional advice to pick the right shoes in this buying guide!

How to figure out your child's shoe size?

Nothing could be simpler: enter the length of your foot (in millimeters) in our calculator and we will tell you the size to order!

The size calculator

Nothing could be simpler: enter the length of your foot (in millimeters) in our calculator and we will tell you the size to order!

How to take your measurements?

Your child wears a ...

And to regularly check your shoe size at home, order now your professional pedometer on sale at


how to take your measures?

  1. take measures1

    The child is standing.
    Put his foot down flat.
    Draw the outline with a pencil.

  2. take measures2

    Measure the length in mm
    between the heel
    le plus long and the longest toe.

Good news : Baby grows fast and so do her little feet! To be sure of her shoe size, think of entering the measure of the foot in cm in our calculator before making your purchase!

Protect your baby's feet with soft booties

During the first months, The purpose of shoes is to protect your baby's delicate feet from the cold, possible little shocks. It is necessary to favor the very flexible models and our leather shoes to allow your baby's feet to breathe. Our baby crib shoes have a flexible and resistant sole to support natural foot movement. They exist in various fabric or leather version and provide a high quality arch ankle support. Newborn shoes
Tips for finding the right size, once the shoe is on and your child is standing up, you must be able to place your finger between the shoe and your child's heel.

Protect the small feet with our first step shoes

For babies learning to walk, our entire range of first step shoes has been designed and tested with the advice of an orthopedic podiatrist expert. Lateral reinforcements, high top, flexible and non-slip soles and laces for a perfect fit . Here are our little secrets to respect the evolution of small feet! And to let you know when it's time to change sizes at a glance, the insole has a clever size indicator !

First step shoes
tips : for toddlers, stiff high-top shoes are necessary to support the ankle as the child takes his first steps. Your toddler will also wear low cut shoes like sneakers, ankle joints must always be comfortable.

Improve their ankle mobility with our walking shoes !

With walking, baby has acquired a certain freedom and now intends to take advantage of it ... That's why, for toddlers, the most important thing is movement! High top, buttress, lateral reinforcements, soft non-slip sole: check out our girl's walking shoes and boy's walking shoes selection by Vertbaudet. We guarantee a perfect support of the whole foot while keeping the necessary flexibility to allow the children to feel comfortable in their movements. Girl's walking shoes Boy's walking shoes
tips : Is your child getting confident? Yes! He is growing... and so are his feet! Remember to measure his foot every 3 months with our pedometer.

Fun and easy : teaching kids how to put on shoes

Vertbaudet displays a wide collection of toddler shoes. Find the best shoes for the preschoolers, specially designed for the 2-5 year olds. Elastic laces, velcro sneakers, rubber shoes for easy grip, markings that help teach your child left from right... Everything is thought for the little ones! A collection that is easy to put on, fun and colorful with kids' favorite designs, for very trendy toddlers. Parents say thank you... and the teacher too! Kindergarten collection
tips : You're Raising a daredevil kid ? Are your kid's shoes all worn out ? Make sure you check out our durable shoe collection, made for your little one to wear every day.

Our durable shoes will accompany your little one throughout their wild adventures !

For everyday adventures : sliding, climbing, running ! That's why we have imagined the most resistant, comfortable shoes for all styles. Reinforcements, leather insole, side zip, non-slip and hard-wearing outsole, it's a serious deal! Numerous quality tests are carried out at our company and in certified laboratories (CTC) Our girl sneakers and our whole shoe collection are subjected to a tough test, don't worry ! Girl's sneakers Boy's sneakers
tips : We often wear slippers when wearing pjs. however, put on a pair of slippers after entering your home is the best idea. You should know that wearing slippers help keep your feet much more protected against germs. So, come home from a long day and put on a pair of cozy slippers to feel instantly relaxed !

Give your feet the cozy feeling with fancy slippers

At Vertbaudet, "home is where your slippers are" takes on its full meaning! Because the home is the first place to learn how to walk, we have developed a high quality range of girl slippers, and boy slippers, choose leather and/or canvas, we are ensuring only the best quality product. Our slippers are as good as our shoes! Very flexible to preserve freedom of movement, Shock Absorbing with a reinforced toe-cap, elastic or velcro design... They are specially created to follow your kids in their little adventures in the living room but also at the preschool or at the nanny's! Last but not least, our well made slippers are comfortable and durable, so that your kid can wear them everyday. Girl's slippers Boy's slippers Baby's slippers