Sleeping bags Guide

Choosing the right sleeping bag
for your baby

Consider using a safe baby sleeping bag until the age of 18 months to cover your baby from head to toe during sleep, the sleeping bag, also called “turbulette”, it comes in different shapes and materials. With or without sleeves, in fleece, in plain cotton or made of cotton gauze... Choose the perfect little nest and Keep your baby's days bright and his nights dark.

We need to follow very closely the evolution of the regulations of the EN 16781 standard, we have adapted the sizes of our sleeping bags.
We adjusted the size : the width of the necklines of our sleeping bags was thus reduced to respect scrupulously the size chart imposed by the new regulation and thus to guarantee the safety of your baby during his sleep. All our products always rigorously checked and certified, conform to the new standards.

A sleeping bag for each season

Of course, before anything else, adapt the sleeping bag to the temperature. Great for summer, our sleeveless light sleeping bag has the perfect shape to avoid heat stroke ! The winter sleeping bag is made of warm materials like velvet or fleece, or a soft padding wrap swaddle to avoid the cold! Vertbaudet offers evolutive sleeping bags, with sleeves that are removable, their snaps allow you to take the sleeves off whenever you need !

Baby travel sleeping bag

Discover our ingenious sleeping bag for travelling that can be transformed into a jumpsuit with a simple zip. Perfect when you need to transfer them gently, get your children from bed to car seat without disturbing their sleep! Highly recommended, When you're invited over to a friends house.All sleepbags

What is TOG?

The TOG is the measure of thermal insulation of an area. It is this indicator that you should refer to to be sure to cover baby perfectly according to the temperature of the room.
Remember that the ideal temperature for a baby's room is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. But with the change of seasons, the outside temperature varies and the temperature of the room can also be lowered or increased by a few degrees.
To choose the right TOG for your sleeping bag, nothing could be easier! Just refer to our chart.