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  • I would like to know the eco-friendly materials used to make the items.

    The cellulose in Vertbaudet diapers is T.C.F. guaranteed.
    The cotton gauze, a 100% natural cotton material: ideal for summer clothing for toddlers.
    The organic cotton is derived from organic farming without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
    Linen, insulating in winter and breathable in summer.
    Ramie, a textile plant whose fibers allow the creation of very resistant fabrics.
    Leather with vegetable tanning

  • I want to know the composition of the paints applied to the toys.

    Vertbaudet uses non-toxic paints that are free of heavy metals.
    They are tested according to European toy standards and in particular according to the EN71-3 standard which verifies the non-migration of heavy metals into the body. This standard covers the risks associated with prolonged contact with the skin as well as the child's sucking and mouthing of the toy.

  • I want to know the composition of MDF furniture items.

    Vertbaudet products made from MDF, also known as medium-density fibreboard, are guaranteed to be E1 or E0.5 panels with limited formaldehyde content and emissions.

  • I want to know the dimensions of the item.

    We invite you to consult the product description and assembly instructions.

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What are the different payment methods?

We accept all major debit and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other payment methods such as PayPal.

During the payment process, the supported payment methods are displayed on the screen. Please note that the prices of items may be preset in your local currency and are calculated based on the applicable exchange rates at the time of your order.

Is online payment secure?

At Vertbaudet, we take our payment security very seriously. Our partner Global-e handles your payment on our site and ensures your security by offering reliable and secure payment methods. The confidentiality and security of your payments is guaranteed by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system, which allows information to be exchanged on the internet in a secure manner. If you have questions about payment, please consult this link :

I haven't received a confirmation email for my order, is it properly registered?

As soon as you confirm your order, a confirmation email is immediately sent to you.

Didn't receive it? We invite you to check the status of your order in your customer area on under the section "My account": you can verify that your order has been properly registered.

I received a damaged/faulty item

We’re very sorry to hear that your package did not arrive in perfect condition.

In order for us to follow this up with our shipping partner, we kindly ask you to send photos of:
The damaged item
The inner and outer packaging

Please click on the link below with this information so that we can open a swift investigation.

Can my delivery address be changed?

1. If the order has not shipped
If your order has not yet shipped, then we should be able to update your address, so long as the delivery country/location remains the same.
We cannot change the delivery country/location.
Please contact us urgently by clicking on the link below if you need to change your delivery address.

2. If the order has shipped
We cannot intercept airmail packages.
If the package is undelivered, it will eventually be returned to us.
Please note this is likely to take some time (maybe several weeks).
A refund will be issued when we receive the package back at our warehouse.

Depending on the status of the delivery and the courier, we may be able to update the address. We cannot change the delivery country/location. Please contact us urgently by clicking on the link below if you need to change your delivery address.

Where is My Order?

It can take between 1-4 business days (not including weekends and national holidays) for us to prepare a package for international delivery.
Once your order ships, you will be sent an auto-email containing tracking information.
To track your order, please click on the link at the top of the page: Where’s my order?
If there has been no update on the tracking information for more than 5 business days, please let us know so that we can open an investigation.
The investigation to locate a package may take several weeks.
If for any reason it is determined the parcel is lost in transit you will be issued a full refund.

How much will it cost to ship to my country/location?

Please click on the flag icon on our homepage and select your delivery country/location*.

Shipping costs are calculated automatically at checkout and depend on:
Destination country/location
Size/weight of the package
Shipping method selected
We offer several different shipping methods including airmail, standard courier and express courier.

The prices for each available option will be displayed at checkout.

* If you cannot see your country/location listed, then it is likely that we do not currently ship there.

Do I need to pay duties & taxes?

Import duties and taxes may apply upon receipt of international orders.

These duties & taxes are beyond our control as they are set by the Customs Authority of the destination country/location and depend on a number of factors, such as:
Country/location of origin of the purchased product
Local VAT rates
Local import taxes
It will be your responsibility to pay these charges if and when asked to by your local authorities.

Our guaranteed landed cost shipping service allows you to prepay all taxes and there will be no additional charges when you receive your package – guaranteed!

All you need to do is prepay the duties at our checkout.

If prepayment is supported for your order, then you will be quoted as follows:
“Prepay xxxx for duties, taxes and fees now to guarantee no additional charges on delivery”

Select this option if you wish to prepay duties & taxes.
Should you choose to use this option, you will be provided with a 100% guaranteed total amount for your order (including all applicable delivery charges, duties and taxes).
Please note that any inspections and fees applied on imports to your country/location are beyond our control, should you decide not to prepay your taxes during checkout.

Can you ship this item to my country/location?

Please click on the flag icon on our homepage and select your country/location*
Select the item that you wish to purchase and go to checkout.
If there are any shipping restrictions, or we are unable to ship this product to your country/location, you will not be able to checkout and pay for the item.

* If you cannot see your country/location listed, then it is likely that we do not currently ship there."

I've only received part of the items I ordered.

One of your items was not in stock at the time of your order:
Your items are no longer available and we will not receive any more:
We're sorry but some of your items have been very popular and are now sold out. We will proceed with your refund

How can I return an item?

If you wish to return an item purchased on the website, you have 30 days from the date you receive your order to initiate the return process. Please note that the returned item must be in its original condition.
How do you make a return? To return part or all of your order made on the website, you will need to use the return portal and follow the steps to print the return slip and return label:

I made a return and have not been refunded

For returned items, it can take up to 21 business days for the funds to credit back to your original payment method as the below steps need to be followed:

1 - Shipping time to arrive back to our warehouse
2 - Processing and inspection for refund approval
3 - Authorization to finance department to issue refund
4 - It can take up to 7 business days for the funds to credit back to your payment method once our finance department process the refund.

Should your refund not be processed within the 21 business days, please send us the tracking number for the returned package so that we can investigate further.

I did not receive my refund

Returned Items

Please note that returned orders can take up to 21 business days for the funds to credit back to your original payment method as the below steps need to be followed:

1 - Shipping time to arrive back to our warehouse
2 - Processing and inspection for refund approval
3 - Authorization to finance department to issue refund
4 - It can take up to 7 business days for the funds to credit back to your payment method once our finance department process the refund.

Should your refund not be processed within the 21 business days, please send us the tracking number for the returned package so that we can investigate further.

Canceled Orders

For orders made by credit card, we only charge when the order ships to you.
If you see a charge on your credit card for a canceled order, it is likely to be only a pre-authorization and not a payment. This will be automatically canceled by your payment provider.
If you paid by PayPal, then the canceled order should have automatically generated a refund back to your account.

Credit Card Refunds

Please allow up to 7 business days for the funds to credit back to your payment method.

PayPal Refunds

These are usually immediate, so if you have received confirmation that a refund was issued but do not see it in your account, please contact us by clicking on the link below so that we can investigate further.

How can I view or modify my personal information??

To modify your personal information, go to your customer area.
Log in to your account:
Once logged in, in the left navigation bar, click on the tab 'My Information'

Once the changes have been made, don't forget to save by clicking on the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the page.

I forgot my password

To regain access to your account and change your password, go to the account login page and click on "forgot password".

How do I create a Vertbaudet account?

To create a Vertbaudet account, it's very simple. Go to the account creation / login page
Click on the tab "Not yet a customer?"
First, enter your email then the few personal information requested.
Finally, click on the button 'I create my account'.

Are my personal data secure?

VERTBAUDET is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals using its website and the confidentiality of the personal information provided. On our site your personal data is fully secure and encrypted.
To view our terms and conditions and our data protection policy: Click here

How do I manage my Newsletter subscriptions?

To subscribe, it's very simple, enter your email address in the dedicated box at the bottom of the Vertbaudet website.
You can unsubscribe easily by logging into your customer account under "MY ACCOUNT," then go to the section "My Personal Information."
To view our terms and privacy policy: Click here.

I can’t sign into my account, what should I do?

If you receive a message that says your email address/password isn’t recognized, follow the steps below:

Make sure you are using the same email address and password you registered with – you may have more than one account so please check
Check that you don’t have your caps lock on in error and / or are using any special characters that you chose correctly
If you can’t remember your password click on the ‘forgotten password’ link on the sign in page. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with a link that will allow you to create a new password for your account
If you still can’t sign in, please contact us giving as much detail as you can about the issue.


  • When should I start wearing maternity clothes?

    As soon as your little belly is visible, you can start wearing maternity clothes. Generally, this starts from the 3rd month if you are expecting your first child.
    Once the stage of the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy is passed, it becomes imperative to adopt maternity clothes to ensure you the best comfort!

  • How do I choose the size of my maternity clothes?

    At Vertbaudet, new curves are taken into account, no need to change size to feel good in your clothes... Even at 8 months pregnant! But if you have a doubt between two sizes, it's always useful to take your measurements before ordering your clothes.

  • What clothes should I wear to the maternity ward?

    Focus on comfort: soft, stretchy materials that are easy to put on! During the day, opt for leggings, treggings and other maternity pants, accompanied by a blouse, shirt or t-shirt.
    In the evening, opt for pyjamas that will facilitate breastfeeding. Likewise, take two pairs of pyjamas with you, as you may feel hot in the maternity ward and therefore sweat.
    Of course, don't forget breastfeeding clothes: tops, bras and nursing bras for more convenience!

  • What dress should I wear when I'm pregnant?

    No matter the look you want to adopt, the dress can always be part of your wardrobe during your pregnancy and over the months.
    Comfortable and feminine, the maternity dress can be worn throughout the 9 months and through the seasons, both with maternity tights in winter and a small cardigan in summer to feel comfortable!

  • Where can I find beautiful maternity clothes?

    Looking to create both comfortable and trendy looks? At Vertbaudet, you'll find a whole collection of beautiful maternity clothes to fully enjoy your 9 months of pregnancy!
    From basic maternity items, to the essential fashion pieces in your wardrobe... discover items that highlight your lovely curves, while ensuring optimal comfort!

  • How should I dress during the first three months of pregnancy?

    During the first three months, your belly starts to round out slowly, you can adjust your wardrobe. Then choose comfortable materials preferably in stretch and easy to wash! For the first three months, you can mix your regular clothes with some first maternity clothes that will quickly become essential, like maternity jeans!

  • How should I dress at six months of pregnancy?

    During the second trimester of pregnancy, the belly becomes more rounded and you gain a little more weight. It is therefore essential to wear clothes adapted to your new measurements and your new curves.

    Opt for maternity pants and leggings, loose blouses and tops, you can also bet on the dress! The total oversized look can be pleasant but the little secret is to counterbalance by wearing one loose piece and another closer to the body.

  • When should I start wearing maternity pants?

    You can start wearing maternity pants when your belly starts to show, which usually happens around the fourth month of pregnancy for the first child, and the second month for the second child.
    In order to choose the right one, try it on in different positions to ensure its comfort, especially when you'll be sitting

Baby Chothes

  • When should I start buying my clothes?

    Do you want to start building your baby's wardrobe? In general, it's best to wait until at least the second trimester, as it's not too early, nor too late. Between the 5th and 7th months, it's the perfect time to start getting organized.
    Beyond these dates, you might be in a bit of a ""rush""! And if you're one of those who wait until the birth to find out the sex, you can of course buy unisex clothes!

  • How to personalize baby clothes?

    There are plenty of ways to personalize baby clothes. One of the most suitable techniques is embroidery. Thanks to our workshop, discover our customizable baby clothes to give your baby unique and beautiful clothes!

  • What size of clothes should I choose for the baby?

    Yes, the baby will grow faster than you imagine and you will quickly need to choose the next size up. It is therefore important to wait and adjust your purchases according to the baby's growth.
    This is the best way to reduce your purchases and avoid ending up with a mountain of baby clothes.

  • How to wash baby clothes?

    It is well known that a baby's skin is more sensitive, and therefore more irritable. So it is important to wash his or her clothes with suitable products.
    Opt for an allergen-free laundry detergent. For this reason, it is best to avoid fabric softener.

  • Which sleeping bag should I choose?

    To be sure to choose the right sleeping bag, you must first buy it according to the seasons and your activities (if you go on a trip for example, opt for a special travel sleeping bag), and also according to the TOG (thermal insulator).

  • What size should I choose for the sleeping bag?

    Firstly, the baby sleeping bag is recommended for babies up to 18 months old. To know which size to choose, simply refer to the size guide in cm.
    If it's too small, they won't be comfortable moving around, and if it's too large, it can be dangerous as they could potentially get their head through. So it's very important to choose the right size.

  • Which sleeping bag should I choose for the winter?

    Sleeping bags are designed and adapted to each season. In winter, it is therefore better to favor warm materials like velvet, or a fluffy wadding to prevent drafts.

    The winter sleeping bags from Vertbaudet are practical, featuring removable sleeves that you can take off in mid-season.

    To choose the right one, follow our sleeping bag guide.

  • Which sleeping bag should I choose for the summer?

    For the summer, go for light materials and a sleeveless design. With the rising temperatures, you need to avoid overheating your baby!

  • How to wash a sleeping bag?

    Generally, washing is done at low temperatures (around 30°C). Of course, it will be more frequent in case of little accidents.

    As with the rest of their wardrobe, it is preferable to use hypoallergenic laundry detergent to avoid any skin reactions for your baby.

  • When should I stop using a sleeping bag?

    Once again, this can vary depending on the development of the baby, and of course, all babies do not grow in the same way. Often, the ideal age to remove it is around 2 years old. But some children won't take it off until after they are 3 years old.


  • How to swaddle a baby?

    Here's the method for swaddling your baby:

    Fold the swaddle diagonally, place the baby on it with their shoulders below the fold.
    Place the baby's right arm along their body and fold the swaddle over it. Tuck the swaddle under their body, leave their left arm free.
    Fold the tip of the triangle upwards to cover their feet, and insert it into the fold at the collar.
    Then, slide the fabric flat under the baby!

  • What fabrics can I use to swaddle the baby?

    It's possible to use all sorts of fabrics to swaddle your baby: sheets, large or small blankets, fabric or large swaddles... Just be sure to take into account the outside temperature to adapt the fabric you will use!

  • Should I swaddle the baby at night?

    Swaddling can prove to be very effective: your baby falls asleep faster and more calmly. However, swaddling is only recommended for rest periods, the rest of the time, baby should be allowed to move freely!

  • Until what age can we swaddle the baby?

    Swaddling is very reassuring until your baby is 3 or 4 months old. After that, as they become able to wriggle and turn over on their own, it can become dangerous if they cannot control their movements.

  • What is the usefulness of swaddling a baby?

    Swaddling your baby is supposed to provide a feeling of well-being, especially during sleep time. However, if they start to squirm once swaddled, it's better to simply let them breathe!


  • What shoes for baby?

    A child who is not yet walking does not need to wear shoes. Generally, before the age of 8 or 9 months, shoes are only used to protect their feet from the cold or the sun, for example.

    You should then choose very flexible shoes that do not prevent the feet from moving, like leather slippers.

  • When to put shoes on a baby?

    You can start putting shoes on babies when they begin to stand up without walking, that is, around the age of 9 months or more, it depends on the baby.

    When the baby is learning to walk, you can opt for shoes in order to ensure good foot support or to leave their feet free in the air!

  • What shoes for a walking baby?

    The first walking shoe is designed to support their little feet when the baby starts walking.

    Leather baby shoes are ideal, the sole is not too hard and is non-slip!

    You can choose them with Velcro straps to facilitate putting on and taking off the shoes!

  • What shoes for a baby crawling on all fours?

    Most leather booties have a reinforced toe so that baby can crawl or walk on all fours.
    Easy to put on, soft leather booties protect baby's feet during playtime and crawling.
    Leather is comfortable and ensures the foot's flexibility!

  • How to choose the size of baby's shoes?

    You can measure your baby's foot with a foot measuring device, or use the paper method:

    Place your child's foot on a piece of paper
    Make sure your child is standing
    Trace a line at the back of their heel, and another at the tip of their longest toe
    Measure the distance between the two lines to determine the length of their weight-bearing foot.

Do you not find an answer to your question? Contact us here.