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About us

Once upon a time…

there was vertbaudet, a fashion specialist
for children (clothing, shoes and accessories)
and mums-to-be!

In 1963, the head of a family textiles firm named Anselme Dewavrin came up with the idea of creating a mail order brand
especially for children!
Little by little, the brand grew, becoming more and more popular
with mums.

A few key moments in the life of vertbaudet…

  • • The first shop was opened in Lille in 1996:
    today, there are over 40!
  • • First ventures into Europe:
    Great Britain (1996), followed by Portugal (1999), Spain (2005), Switzerland (2006), Belgium and Germany (2007).
  • • 1999 : the brand launches its website.
  • vertbaudet still continues to maintain its position as an
    up-to-the-minute brand… active on social networks (Facebook,
    Google+, Pinterest) and accessible on all types of mobile devices
    (iPhone and iPad apps, mobile site).
  • • 2012 heralds a new era in the brand's international development:
    the creation of!

From now on, vertbaudet can deliver all over the world…
in just 5 days!

vertbaudet has always
paid particular attention to parents' requirements
and children's needs
, applying
its expertise to create stylish collections
that represent great value for money.
If we were to sum up this concept in 3 words,
it would have to be:


Creating carefully-designed products
to help children grow up
is the best gift we can give to parents.


Because unusual, imaginative
and innovative
designs are a great way
to brighten up your day and
provide a splash of colour for everyone.

not forgetting SINCERITY

In our desire to progress,
to fully respect childhood
and to listen to feedback
from our loyal customers…

Values that put vertbaudet's message
across loud and clear:
'putting children first!'