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Super stylish whatever the occasion!

Put on a twirly dress or a cute little bowtie...
Children love dressing up smart! The Party Collection pulls out
all the stops to make sure they're wearing their Sunday best whatever the occasion,
whether it's a baptism, wedding, communion or family party.

Jolie matières

Beautiful fabrics

Party outfits go hand-in-hand with beautiful fabrics! Linen, cotton, satin,
poplin, tulle... from princess dresses to smart little boys' jackets,
they're all here in
just the right balance!

A festival of details

Crisp frills, romantic embroidery and refined pleats...
Sometimes elegance is all about the little things!
Because the Party Collection is all about attention
to detail to please
even the most demanding children.

Festival de détails
Réversible et ravissante

Gorgeous and reversible

1 dress, 2 adorable styles... and a multitude of stunning details!
A chic and ingenious design that's ideal for little girls who
want to change their outfit during a party... due to a food spillage or
just because she feels like it!
See the dress


Accessories make party outfits even more stylish!
Crowns, headbands, hats, ties or bowties...
Choose your favourite to add the
finishing touch to their outfit for the big day!

Feu d’artifices